Creative Writing with Website Building
Creative Writing with Website Building
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Survivor Holiday Camp : Island Edition , Fly the Drone with Coding Fun, Lego Robotics, Chinese Drama Camp, Science Edventure Camp, Mathemagic Workshop, PSLE Power-Up Workshops, Build your own Website

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Survivor Holiday Camp : Island Edition

This December holidays, we combine the essentials of the old and new, past and future.

KRTC Simei’s holiday camp - Survivor: Island Edition will transport students to a deserted island where they will learn the basic skills of survival as well as develop skills in technology. In addition, they will get to chronicle their adventures and leave their legacy via a website they will build that is uniquely and only theirs.

We have fun programmes cater for K1 - Sec 1 ! You name it, we have it!

Creative Writing with Website Buiding P3-P6

Students will be the Robinson Crusoes of their own islands and write about the adventures they encounter as deserted island dwellers. In the style of Lord of the Flies, they will chronicle life in the wild, from setting up shelters to feeding themselves to making signals to get rescued. It’s not just physical survival adventures but also emotional ones as they have to try to work together and govern themselves. Will peace prevail or anarchy conquer?


To help them visualise these, students will take archery lessons, experience Sentosa’s 4D Adventureland, make slime to trap animals for food and be inspired by how one man survived alone in Cast Away. They will be engaged in creative writing not only about their own experiences but also stories with themes of Teamwork, Overcoming Adversity and Resilience - all topics that are covered for PSLE composition. On top of that, each student will build their own unique websites and creatively blog about their adventures. Between writing interesting stories and building an amazing website, there are plenty of opportunities to exercise creativity. What’s more, their website will have their name on the URL, be theirs for life and get lifetime support!

This holiday, get your child to be ready for Smart Nation SIngapore by learning coding and acquiring computational thinking skills. Get them prepared for an increasingly digital world. At the same time, get them skilled in survival tactics of a prehistoric world too! Get the best of the past and the future in our Lego Robotics!

Fly Drone with Coding Fun P3-P6

Drones provide excellent opportunities for STEM learning as Learn to code and programme drones to fly specific patters while becoming familiar with the internal electronics that makes drones work. Reacting to changes in flight patterns or environment allows your child to improve cognitive reasoning skills. They will gain a better understanding of cause and effect - and be better equipped to make quick decisions under stress.


Our coding with drones, students will use Scratch with their Tello and programme 4 categories of blocks including sounds. They will execute a basic planned flight and take part in The Tech Challenge where they have to demonstrate making loops in addition to taking off and landing. An analysis of the challenges faced and a reflection of how they could have improved the flight will allow them to better their abilities for future, and more complicated flights. Students can continue their fun and learning after the course by purchasing the drones they have programmed at special prices.

Lego Robotics K1 - P2

Our very popular Lego Robotics is back!! This time, in tune with our Survivor Island theme, students get to build and programme a prehistoric centipede, a draconian dinosaur and a monorail - the exact same creations seen on the blockbuster, Jurassic World!

This holiday, get your child to be ready for Smart Nation SIngapore by learning coding and acquiring computational thinking skills. Get them prepared for an increasingly digital world. At the same time, get them skilled in survival tactics of a prehistoric world too! Get the best of the past and the future in our Lego Robotics!

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Creative Writing - Build your own website!
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2020 PSLE Power-Up 

PSLE English - Must-know Question Types to S.C.O.R.E.
PSLE Math - Must-know 50 Common Mistakes to avoid
PSLE Science - Must-know Key T.A.S.K Open-Ended Answering Techniques
PSLE Chinese - Must-know 25 Catchy Phrases for all Composition questions
PSLE Stress-Relief Add-Ons - Slime Making Workshop, Fly your own Drone with Coding

The kids absolutely loved traveling through space to explore the solar system via Virtual Reality!😍🌍☀️The journey definitely helped them understand solar and renewable energy, concept they applied to the Regatta later. 👍🏼😁

Posted by KRTC Simei Kent Ridge Education on Sunday, 24 March 2019

Past Edventure Fun #2

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I have never missed any holiday programmes by KRTC Simei since P1 and I always looking forward to it. We got to go out to so many different and fun places to explore and I can spend the whole day with my friends here!

- Juliet Wong P4

I joined their Creative Writing last December Holiday. We went on water, nature, combat and obstacle edventures at different places and completed writing an action-packed adventure story in the style of Roald Dahl and JK Rowling. 

- Ruth Faith Tan P5

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